Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer Will Eventually Record Together


Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer

Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer

Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer have been engaged for a week now, and already people are wondering how long it will be before they team up musically.  Brantley tells Billboard they have written some songs together, and a duet is certainly a possibility in the future, but not likely anytime soon.  He’s finishing up his third album and doesn’t expect to have a collaboration with Jana on there, but he says, “We have written a couple of songs together, and they are really good, so that may be something we do in the future. But, not right now.  She’s doing her thing and I’m doing mine couldn’t be more proud of her. We’re both staying busy.”



Although Brantley doesn’t expect to record a song with Jana on his new album, she will definitely have some influence on the project.  He recently told Taste of Country, “We value each other’s opinion, as far as careers are concerned. Definitely, she’s a big enough part of my life to have an opinion and I’m a big enough part of hers to have an opinion that matters. I think we’re supportive more than anything but we help each other out.”  And when it comes to reliable feedback on songs he’s working on, Brantley laughs and says, “Usually when I write, the first person I run it by is Jana. She’s pretty brutally honest at times.



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