Brad Paisley Releasing Wheelhouse on April 9th

Brad Paisley announced a while ago that he would release his new album on April 9th, and now we know it will be called Wheelhouse.  Brad unveiled the name Wednesday night on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel.  Jimmy actually suggested he call the album Thriller or Thriller 2 so that it would be “a huge multi-platinum seller right off the bat.”  Brad said it was a great idea, but ultimately stuck with Wheelhouse because he said, “It’s all about leaving your comfort zone.  It’s like what is my wheelhouse? You know, the baseball expression, sort of what is in your strike zone, your wheelhouse, where you’re comfortable. We really have tried to go out on a limb with this record and see how far we can stretch certain things.”


Brad also revealed a new television theme song entitled “The Ballad of Honey Boo Boo,” which you can watch and hear in the video below.


You can preorder Wheelhouse and Wheelhouse (Deluxe Version) now on Amazon.

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