Brad Paisley Enlists The Band Perry, a Giraffe and a Tractor for His New Video


Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley premiered the video for his latest song, “Southern Comfort Zone,” in an online chat on Monday.  According to the notes scribbled on the screen during the unique clip, over 10,000 miles were traveled to film the video, which included stops in eight countries in 8 days, 6 jackets, 57 pints, 2 cameras, a tractor and one very friendly giraffe named Congo.  Brad says he would describe the video as a cross between The Bourne Identity meets Green Acres, and when a fan asked if he preferred working with Carrie Underwood or the giraffe, Brad said, “That giraffe was very professional…  and he was way better than working with Carrie Underwood.  He didn’t ever sort of talk back, he didn’t ever sort of make a fool of me.  Even if he had kicked me, it would be still better than working with Carrie Underwood (I’m kidding).”


If you watch closely, you’ll see The Band Perry make a cameo in the video as Brad runs through Norway.  At one point Reid Perry tosses him an apple as he runs by.  One thing Brad wants people to know is that every scene, every backdrop and every location is real.  There was no green screen used.


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