Blake Shelton Re-writes “Honey Bee” to Pay Tribute to Betty White

Blake Shelton has never made any secret about the fact that he is a huge fan of the TV show The Golden Girls and a huge fan of Betty White, so when NBC asked him to be part of their special, Betty White’s 2nd Annual 90th Birthday Special, he jumped at the chance and even re-wrote one of his songs for her.  Unfortunately Betty had to watch the celebration via satellite from her home because she had the flu, but Blake confessed to her over the airwaves that he’s always had a huge crush on her but he’s had to deny his feelings because he’s a happily married man, but then he said, “I’m not going to deny them anymore. In fact, I think I can not deny them best in a song.”  He then went on to sing a special version of his song “Honey Bee,” with the two choruses re-written to pay tribute to Betty.  In the first chorus he sang:


 “You’re still my Sue Ann Nivens / Ellen from Mama’s Family / You make my life worth living / ‘Cause you’re my Golden girlie / I’ll be your ladies man / You fill my empty nest / I’ll be your Password partner / Betty, you are the best.”


And in the second chorus he sang:


“I love Hot in Cleveland / You’re great as ditzy Rose / You made me a Match Game fan / No wonder Zac proposed / I watched you on Lake Placid / Love you a do confess / You’re a national treasure / Baby you are the best.


Betty was delighted by the performance, clapping along and grinning ear to ear while Blake sang.


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