Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan Share Random Thoughts and Popcorn Secrets


Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, aka “Bluke,” sat down to discuss random thoughts on everything from underwear to movie popcorn to Katy Perry in a teaser video leading up to this Sunday’s ACM Awards.  One thing Luke revealed was his surprising hidden talent of popping popcorn out of an old pan, “the old style way.”  Blake wanted to know why that was a talent and Luke explained, “It’s the right amount of oil per Redenbacher, per butter and salt, and you’ve gotta keep the lid on.”


Since Luke is a popcorn popping expert, Blake wanted to know how come when he melts butter and puts it on his popcorn at home it just causes the popcorn to shrivel up and get soggy, but that doesn’t happen at the movie theater.  Popcorn expert Luke explained, “The butter at the movie theater is from another planet, and the butter you’re making is actual butter.”


You can see Bluke co-hosting the ACM Awards live from Las Vegas, this Sunday night on CBS.


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