Blake Shelton Hates Cee Lo Green’s Cat

Cee Lo Green and Purrfect

Blake Shelton loves being on The Voice, but one thing he doesn’t love about the show is Cee Lo Green’s cat.  This season Cee Lo has been seen petting a fluffy white cat named Purrfect during some of his interview segments and Blake says the cat is actually an idea Cee Lo had last season.  “I do remember in season one, I remember when he actually had the idea to have the cat. I remember him saying, to me, into my ear hole, ‘I want a cat. I want to be able to sit here and pet a cat while I’m on The Voice,” he told Vulture.  Blake is not a fan of Purrfect or cats in general so he says, “I stay away.  I love Cee Lo, but I avoid him when he’s holding that smelly cat.”  Purrfect the Cat has her own Twitter account and she responded to Blake calling her a smelly cat by saying, “Blake smellz like leather and Sarsaparilla. =^..^= MT..”  Blake’s response?  “Stupid cat….”

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