Blake Shelton Has Big Respect for Bieber


Blake Shelton

Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance on NBC’s The Voice on Tuesday night to offer a sneak preview of his new video and announce that he would be performing on the finale of the show.  Although Blake Shelton definitely doesn’t have Bieber Fever, he does have a lot of respect for Justin as an artist.  He told, “You would have to be living under a damn rock not to know who the kid is and the impact that he is having,” Blake said after the show.  “I never witnessed anything like that, it’s got to be similar to what happened with Elvis when he would come walking into a room. People screaming and crying, I literally looked at a group of girls that were in the audience and they were crying!”  Plus Blake thinks Justin is just a good person.  “Man I like that kid,” he said.  “He came over and shook all of our hands, so he seems to be a really good kid on top of everything else, on top of being extremely hot and talented!” 

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