Lady Antebellum Talks Baby Talk, Including Sympathy Pregnancy Symptoms and Names


Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum is about six months along in her pregnancy and she says the baby has been moving a lot lately.  “She moves later on in the day normally and as I get further along I think I’ll feel her more and more,” she told The Country Vibe. “But she reacts to (my husband) Chris’ voice right now, which is really sweet.  He’ll be talking to her and you’ll see her kick and that’s really cool because her hearing is starting to really come in clearly and develop more and more each week.”


Charles says Hillary is so full of baby knowledge because she has a bunch of pregnancy apps on her phone.  “I do,” says Hillary.  “I have like five apps on my phone that tell me different things like they compare the baby to a fruit or a vegetable each week.  It’s really funny.  But she has been kicking a lot and I told Chris, ‘I’ll let you know if there’s any kind of certain pattern because if she’s kicking in a certain pattern she’s gonna be a drummer like you.’”


The guys in Lady A joke that they are experiencing some sympathy pregnancy symptoms along with Hillary.  Charles told The Country Vibe, “My feet are swollen.”  Dave jokes he’s been putting on the pounds and he said, “People don’t give me and Charles enough credit for what we’re having to go through with this.  We’re not recognized for the toll this takes on our bodies.”  Hillary laughs and says, “Their hormonal mood swings have just been outrageous.”


For now, Baby Girl Tyrell (her husband Chris’ last name) doesn’t have a name, but Charles likes Charlotte, and he jokes that Dave likes Daffodil.  But Dave says, “No, it’s Daisy” he’s pushing for if they’re going to pick a girl name that resembles his.  Hillary says she and Chris have a list of names they like, “But honestly we cannot pick one.  So I think we might just have to wait until she’s here and we get to hold her and maybe she’ll tell us what her name is when she gets here.”  Or she also says, “Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.”


Hillary is due to give birth in July.

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