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Carrie Underwood Will Spend Thanksgiving with Her Misfit Friends, Watching Her Husband Play Hockey on TV

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s holidays are usually dictated by her husband Mike Fisher’s NHL schedule, but this year she’s decided not to let that be the case.  Mike’s team, the Nashville Predators, will be playing a game on Thanksgiving day, but Carrie says, “I told him this year, ‘I’m really tired of skipping holidays.’  I feel like especially now we need to make more of an effort to, no matter what the situation or what hand we’re dealt, make that special.”


So Carrie has decided to invite all of her other “misfit friends” who have nowhere to go for Thanksgiving over to her house and she says, “I guess we’ll be watching Mike on TV as we’re eating our stuffing and pumpkin pie and things like that.  But he can come and join us afterward.”


Unlike a lot of Americans, Carrie won’t have to worry about getting out into the crowds the day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday deals.  She confesses, “I’m a terrible near-Christmastime shopper anyway.  I do not do crowds, never have.  Even when she was younger, she says, “Mom and I would go to like Walmart on some big sale or Black Friday or whatever … and I’d have to leave the store because I would hyperventilate and need to get out.”


Carrie laughs and says, “So I like the online shopping.  I’m more of a Cyber Monday kinda girl, not so much Black Friday kinda girl.”

Cole Swindell Excited to be Part of Family Tradition of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell will perform during tomorrow’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and he says, “It’s another thing where, how did I get on there?  Then again, you look back over this past year and it’s a reminder of all the great things that are happening, and just when I think it can’t get any better, I find out I’m going to do the Macy’s (Thanksgiving) Day Parade.”


Cole is excited to share the moment with his family, some of which he hopes will be able to join him in New York, because he says, “We always gather around the TV and watch that until the food’s ready, and just all morning as a family , that’s one of the things I do remember about being around the family for the holidays, is watching that.  So it’s gonna be cool for them to see me.  It might be a little cold up there, but the family’s gonna get to gather around and watch it on TV.  It’s gonna be a special moment.”


Cole has been to New York several times, but never around the holidays and he’s looking forward to experiencing the vibe of the city and he says, “I’m honored to be there.  It’s such a big thing.  Anybody you can think of has played (the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade), so I’m glad to be on the bill.”


Dan + Shay will also be performing during the parade at approximately 11:03am and Cole’s appearance will air at about 11:34am in all time zones.

Eric Church is Thankful and Humbled by Fans Who Forego Their Mortgage Payments for His Music

Eric Chuch

Eric Chuch

Eric Church has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  “It’s everything,” he says.  “It’s my wife, it’s career, it’s family.  And I’m also just thankful that I’ve been able to do this my own way and stay around.  I’m very thankful for that.  I don’t take that for granted.”


Eric, who has been on his Outsiders World Tour since September 11th says, “I’m thankful for the people out there that care enough to sometimes, whether they’re buying a record or buying a ticket, they may forego their mortgage payment that month.  We’ve played some places this year where I’ve had people tell me that.  We played Buffalo not too long ago and I had fans come up and say they didn’t have money to buy this ticket, ‘But we’re not gonna miss this show.’  Man, that’s humbling, and I’m thankful for those people.”


When he looks back on all that has happened in 2014, Eric says, “Overall, I’m just in a very thankful place that we’ve been blessed as much as we have and the career and my family and my wife.  Very rarely can you come into a year and not be able to complain.  I’m thankful that I don’t have any complaints this year.”


Eric will wrap up the first leg of The Outsiders World Tour on December 13th.  The second leg will kick off on January 8th in New Orleans.

Florida Georgia Line Try to Give Thanks and Give Back All Year Long

Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line will certainly be counting their blessings during Thanksgiving this year, but they say it’s something they try to do all year long. They also try to give back for all the blessings they’ve been given.


“Giving back is something that’s very important to us,” says Brian. “We were raised watching both of our fathers work very hard and give back at the same time. That’s something that’s close to us and close to our hearts and our voices through success and everything has gotten a little bit bigger over the past couple years and there’s no better time than now, and we feel like we’d be doing the wrong thing if we weren’t giving back.”


Wanting to give back is as much about Tyler and Brian’s faith as it is about wanting to be good people. “Our faith and what we want to represent is giving back and being good to people that need it and that need some help cause we’ve had a lot of help along our way and along our journey,” says Brian. “So (we’re) just kind of following everybody’s examples, you know, (and) trying to be good people.”


After taking some time off for the holidays, Florida Georgia Line will embark on their headlining Anything Goes Tour in 2015, beginning January 15th, with special guests Thomas Rhett and Frankie Ballard.

The Band Perry Has a Weakness for Kimberly’s Sweet Potato Casserole

The Band Perry

The Band Perry

The Band Perry makes working out and eating healthy part of their daily life, but when Thanksgiving rolls around, they allow themselves to splurge. One dish in particular that they all love is Kimberly’s sweet potato casserole.


Reid says, “Probably my favorite Thanksgiving dish, like I could probably just have this just for my Thanksgiving meal, is sweet potato casserole. Kimberly actually makes a really good one, like really great.”


Kimberly offers the secret to her mouth-watering sweet potato casserole. “Here is the trick,” she shares. “You know how most sweet potato casseroles either have marshmallows or the sugar little nutty mix on top? Well, I put both of those on there, so we have marshmallows and the sugary nutty topping.”


Neil tries to live in denial for a moment, offering that there’s no butter in it, so it must be healthy, but Kimberly confesses, “Oh no, it’s like 1,000 calories per spoonful!”