Jake Owen Bought Himself a New C7 Stingray Corvette

Jake Owen's new Corvette

Jake Owen’s new Corvette

Jake Owen recently bought himself a pretty sweet new toy, a C7 Stingray Corvette.  The people at the Corvette Museum in Kentucky heard about this and wondered on Twitter what color the car was.  Jake tweeted a picture of the impressive looking white Vette with red and black leather interior.  The folks at the Corvette Museum were impressed, pointing out, “The very 1st 1953 Vettes were white with red interior, and the milestone ones were too! Significant color combo.”

Jerrod Niemann is Glad “Drink to That All Night” Turned out to be Not Just Another Typical Drinking Song


Jerrod Niemann

Jerrod Niemann

There are two major song charts in country music, and this week Randy Houser is #1 on the Country Aircheck chart with “Goodnight Kiss,” and Jerrod Niemann has scored his second #1 with “Drink to That All Night” on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.   The song is the lead single off Jerrod’s latest album, High Noon, and the video for the song has already been viewed 1.7 million times on VEVO.


Jerrod admits that when someone first sent him the song for consideration he was kind of turned off by the title, just because he figured it was another drinking song, and how different could it be and how cliché to send it to him.  But then he says, “I listened to it and I thought, ‘Whoa!  This is something else.’  It instantly just put me in the mood to just have a good time and I listened to it probably like ten times in a row.”


His producer loved the song too, and Jerrod says, “I’m just so glad that they saved it for me.”

Brett Eldredge Plays Easter Bunny at University of Miami of Ohio


Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge

Never let it be said that Brett Eldredge doesn’t know how to have fun or that he takes himself too seriously.  Yesterday he played a show at Brick Street in Oxford, Ohio, the home of University of Miami of Ohio, so he decided to play Easter Bunny and hide a few tickets around campus for the sold out show.  The tickets were inside golden eggs, and Brett donned some bunny ears and hopped all over campus, including the baseball field, tennis courts, in front of the student hall and even in a tree, to hide the eggs.  To make the golden egg hunt a little easier he documented his hiding frenzy on Twitter and invited the students to come find the tickets.


Since most of the eggs were hidden in plain sight and he pretty much told people where they were, we assume they were all found and that some very happy people were able to get into his sold out show.

Lady Antebellum and Kip Moore Exchange End of Tour Gifts


Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood and Kip Moore

Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood and Kip Moore

Lady Antebellum wrapped up their Take Me Downtown Tour last week, and as is tradition, they had a gift for their opening acts.  They documented their gift exchange with Kip Moore in their latest Webisode Wednesday, because as Charles said, “Nothing happens anymore unless you document it, right?”


Kip presented each of the members of Lady A with a bottle of their favorite adult beverage and a framed, handwritten note.  Then Lady A presented Kip with a very nice watch.  Kip had to go through several boxes to actually get to the watch and he joked, “You know that it’s a nice gift when you have to go inside several boxes.”


Charles explained that when they toured with Kenny Chesney he gave them their first really nice watch and he thought that was a great gift for a guy, especially a guy from the south who’s probably never owned a watch, so they wanted to give Kip the quality timepiece which was waterproof, that he can wear surfing or scuba diving or whatever he chooses to do.  Kip admitted it was his first watch and he joked, “I’ll make sure to only put it on when I see you guys.”

Martina McBride Tops the Country Albums Chart with Soulful New Album, Everlasting

martina everlastingMartina McBride has topped the country albums chart with her new album, Everlasting, which is a collection of her favorite songs from the soul, R&B and pop genres.  While the album isn’t exactly country, Martina will always be a country singer, and she tells The Country Vibe, “I love being on the radio.  We all love being on the radio, but it’s nice to just go in and make music for the sake of music sometimes and really just kind of do what I call a personal project.”


This new album is sort of the soulful version of her Timeless album, which she released back in 2005, featuring some of her favorite classic country songs.  Martina says, “I just wanted to make a record that was fun to listen to that you can listen to when you’re cooking or hanging out or laying out by the pool or driving around and you don’t have to think too much.  You don’t have to learn twelve new songs, you can just enjoy it.”


Everlasting features covers of songs from legends like Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Elvis, Van Morrison and Etta James and includes guest appearances from Kelly Clarkson and Gavin DeGraw.