Blake Shelton Personally Delivers New Video Featuring the Fans to His Fans

blake shelton neon light

Blake Shelton didn’t offer the exclusive premiere of his new video for “Neon Light” to any particular video channel or website.  Instead, he chose to release it on his own through his Twitter account.  It seemed appropriate since the video was shot at various shows on his Ten Times Crazier Tour and features many of his fans, so Blake wanted to give it to them personally.


“Neon Light” is Blake’s fastest growing single and highest chart debut of his career, and it’s already in the top 15 on the chart. The song will be featured on Blake’s new album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, which he’ll release on September 30th.  These next few weeks will be busy for Blake because not only is he releasing his album, but the new season of The Voice will premiere on NBC on September 22nd, and Blake will wrap up his Ten Times Crazier Tour on October 4th at the Hollywood Bowl.


Tim McGraw Looking Forward to Sitting Down with the New Panel of Hosts on The View


Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw will be in New York today promoting his Sundown Heaven Town album with appearances on The View and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Tim has been on The View before, but today he’ll get to sit down with the brand new panel of hosts, Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie Perez, Nicolle Wallace and Whoopi Goldberg, and he jokes, “I’m used to being around all women and not getting a word in edgewise, so that’s part of my whole routine all the time.”


While Tim will be meeting some of the new hosts for the first time he says, “It’s always a good dynamic no matter who’s gonna be on The View, there’s always a good dynamic and there’s a good conversation, and so I look forward to it and I think that it won’t be any different – I mean, it’ll certainly be different with different people but they’ll bring a dynamic to it, for sure. It’s gonna be interesting. It’s gonna be fun.”


Plus, Tim says he enjoys a little bit of the unexpected. “You know, I like being in situations that are unusual and situations that you don’t know really what to expect and you haven’t done them before. You’re getting out of your element a little bit.  That makes it fun.”


Tim’s new album, Sundown Heaven Town is available now, featuring “Lookin’ for That Girl,” “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” and his brand new single “Shotgun Rider.”

Darius Rucker Shares High School Memories to Help Promote Music Education Programs


Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker is joining Jack Antonoff from the group fun and Colbie Caillat, to support the GRAMMY Foundation’s new partnership with Jostens, the leading producer of yearbooks and student-created content, in support of their GRAMMY in the Schools music education programs and in celebrating all the moments that matter in high school.  All three artists have created messages for students reflecting on music and their own high school experiences.


As part of the partnership between the GRAMMY Foundation and Jostens, the yearbook company will donate $50,000 to the Foundation to promote the educational and inspirational impacts of music in high schools.  Plus, they will be donating a $1 from the sales of specialty yearbook covers and customized class rings, up to $100,000, through June 30, 2015.


You can learn more about the program and Darius’ involvement at


Fantasy Football Commissioner Darius Rucker is Raising a Serious South Carolina Gamecocks Fan

Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker


Darius Rucker is a die-hard football fan and probably one of the biggest South Carolina Gamecocks fans you’ll ever meet, but it turns out he’s raising an even bigger fan in his nine-year-old son Jack. The Gamecocks started their season with a pretty rough game against Texas A&M, which they lost 28 – 52.  Darius says, “I was on the road and I got a phone call from (Jack) and he was in hysterics crying.  He’s nine and we couldn’t console him.  He was dry heaving crying and he’s talking to me and his mom’s trying to console him and he’s like, ‘Mom, you don’t understand!  The season’s over!’  And I was like, ‘Wow, I got you bro.’”


Darius, who came up with the phrase “There’s two times of year – football season and waiting for football season,” is hopeful his Gamecocks can put together a decent season despite that ugly first loss. Either way, he will be glued to football this season because he is in five fantasy football leagues and he is the commissioner of every one of them.  And Darius takes his fantasy football seriously.  He reveals that he’s friends with the guy who makes the championship belts for the WWE, and he had a belt made for each of his fantasy football leagues that gets passed onto the champions each year.  Last year, Jimi Westbrook from Little Big Town was the winner in Darius’ Nashville league and Darius says Jimi reminds him every chance he gets, sometimes even sending text messages with a picture of the championship belt on his tour bus.

The Wall Street Journal Offering Free Stream of Lee Ann Womack’s New Album

lee ann womack album

It’s been seven years since Lee Ann Womack released her last album, so her fans are understandably eager to get their hands on her new album, The Way I’m Livin’, which will be released this coming Tuesday.  Starting today, The Wall Street Journal will give fans a chance to get a sneak peek of the album by streaming it in its entirety on their web site.


Lee Ann is excited by the fans’ response to her new music so far. She says, “The response is a little amazing.  Frank and I made a record of the songs we love… with players who really went deep to match my singing, the emotions I wanted…and we didn’t think about radio or marketing or anything. We just did this to move us. You can’t second guess other people, but it sure feels good knowing other people share our hunger for this music too, because it’s definitely grown up country.”


Tonight Lee Ann will join John Legend on stage in front of an invitation-only crowd in Nashville to tape a new episode of CMT Crossroads, which will premiere on September 26th.