Rising Star Was Ten Times More Fun for Brad Paisley Than He Ever Expected

Ludacris, Kesha, Brad Paisley and Josh Groban

Ludacris, Kesha, Brad Paisley and Josh Groban

The season finale of Rising Star will air Sunday night on ABC and Brad Paisley says his time on the show “is ten times more fun than I ever expected.  I love it.”  Brad tells The Country Vibe he’s loved becoming friends with his fellow judges Ludacris and Kesha and furthering his friendship with host Josh Groban.  “I love the experience of it, having a good time on TV, showing some personality and getting to be friends in front of the world.  It’s so rewarding.  I also think we’ve got a couple stars in our finale.”


Brad believes all four finalists are great, but specifically he says, “I want to see Jesse (Kinch) go on and be a rock star like he deserves to be.”  He’s also a big fan of Audrey Kate Geiger.  Brad says, “Audrey to me is this angelic voice that’s so cool, that’s somewhere between Adele, Amy Winehouse (and) Macy Gray.”


Regardless of what happens in the finale, Brad wants to hear the album Audrey will make after the show and he says, “I don’t want to hear somebody mess that record up.  And from here on out she made it to the final four, and maybe she gets a record deal, maybe she goes on and we get to say, ‘remember when.’”


While it’s uncertain if ABC will renew Rising Star for a second season due to its steadily declining ratings, Brad is hopeful.  “I hope we come back because I also think that we would be starting from a really good starting place next time because we’ve figured it out.  It would just be better right off the bat.  Also talent, the second season, talent starts to crawl out like cockroaches out of the woodwork.”


Look for Brad to perform on the Rising Star season finale, which will air Sunday night at 9pm ET/8pm CT.

Brett Eldredge Is Open to Meeting Someone Special and Says it All Starts with the Eyes

Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge has been named on many hottest bachelor lists and there are plenty of women who would love to change his single status, and he’s definitely open to that.  “I am single and I’m always looking,” says Brett.  “I’m not afraid to look and find that right one.  I am a very focused guy with my music right now, and if that right one comes along and hits me over the head and says, ‘You’d be dumb not to follow this,’ then I’ll do it.”


As for what kind of girl will steal Brett’s heart, it all starts with the eyes.  “When it comes to looks I’m an eyes guy, 100% the first thing I see,” says Brett.  “It grabs a hold of you and won’t let you go.  It doesn’t matter the color, it’s just the way they pull you in. “


Brett is also looking for a girl with a big heart.  “I’m a family guy and I love my family.  A girl that has a big soul and somebody that wants to give it all to you, I love that,” he says.  “And somebody that isn’t afraid to not take themselves too seriously and worries about taking three hours to get ready and do all that and worry about all that.  I like a girl that just throws it in a ponytail and relaxes.  I like ‘em both, there’s nothing wrong with either one, but that’s kinda my style, laid back.”


For now Brett is staying busy on tour with Keith Urban and promoting “Mean to Me,” the follow-up to his latest #1 song, “Beat of the Music.”

Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott “Wrecked” in an Amazing Way by Daughter’s Recent Development

Hillary Scott and Eisele

Hillary Scott and Eisele

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum just celebrated her daughter Eisele’s first birthday a month ago and she tells The Country Vibe one of the most amazing things that has happened recently is that 13-month old Eisele has learned how to hug.  Hillary says witnessing that “wrecked me in the most amazing way.”


She explains, “For so many months they just kind of lay there and you love ‘em and every little thing they do, you’ll say, ‘Oh I think she smiled,’ but she doesn’t know she’s smiling.  So when you start to see this little person learning how to show affection and show love and start to be able to really give you that, it’s amazing.”


Hillary says watching her daughter start to consciously hug people “was one of the coolest moments so far as a mom.”


Fortunately Hillary doesn’t have to worry about missing out on most major milestones in Eisele’s life because she and her husband Chris, who is the drummer for Lady Antebellum, and their daughter all travel together as a family.  They’re currently out on the Take Me Downtown Tour and preparing to release the band’s new album, 747, on September 30th.

The Band Perry Featured in New Opry Hitmakers Feature

The Band Perry and The Opry's Pete Fisher

The Band Perry and The Opry’s Pete Fisher

The Band Perry is featured on a new installment of Opry Hitmakers on Opry.com.  The trio shares their stories of performing on the Opry stage, plus they sing their hit “Better Dig Two” and a special song they wrote for their mom, in a dressing room backstage at the Opry and their biggest hit, “If I Die Young,” on the stage at the world-famous Grand Ole Opry House.



Brantley Gilbert Offers Mug Shot Memorabilia to Fans

brantley gilbert mugshot T

Brantley Gilbert has a bit of a tough guy image, so it’s almost fitting that he sells a t-shirt in his online store featuring his mug shot.  He tells the NY Daily News he had several mug shots to choose from, although he won’t go into details about his arrests he laughs and says, “I’m from Georgia. We go to jail to learn lessons.”


He also laughs when he explains, “The hardest part was finding a mug shot that looked unapologetic.  Most of the pictures had that ‘Please don’t call my mom’ look.”


The t-shirt retails for $24.95 and features a mug shot of a much younger Brantley on the front, and on the back it says, “READ ME MY RIGHTS.”